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Reactivate Amazon Seller Account

How To Reactivate Amazon Seller Account

Reactivate Amazon Seller Account, I think in today’s era very few peoples are familiar with this line “lets search it on Amazon” or in market, “If you like than only select otherwise Amazon is there These lines by customer shows how amazons company wins trust and love of every customer in global market.

However, all are familiar by its amazing selling ideas and by its popular “Big billion sale” which they introduce in Diwali like big festivals, this is the most amazing and effective selling idea of amazons where people gets their product at very affordable price.

Whenever any business owner likes to grow their business amazon the biggest selling platforms always stands for their customers, and help them to deal with the customer where the company tries to get every ones fair dealing with no loss for both the parties.

But sometimes by any wrong practice done by seller, amazon suspend the account due to its security reasons, There are signs to know that helps you to know that your account is blocked or suspended, if is that so you won’t  be able to sell on amazon and you will be notified by email. As you know no matters that you are a part time seller or full time, your seller account is your biggest tool in amazon online market.

The reason behind the suspension of account are-

1 Order Defect Rate-

If your account gets suspended the main reason behind this is your order defect rate is more than 1 percent. As the terms and conditions of amazon,  quality is the main priority of Amazon and this is the reason why customer can easily retain their trust on the company.

2 Copyright Infringement issues-

This is the most unethical practice done by the seller where they use other products photos photos and trademark, this comes under the big reason for your account suspension. However amazon will give you warning first for this practice but if you not correct it your account will get in trouble.

3 Items Not As Described-

This issue comes under the fraud case in which amazon first gives you warning, if customer complains about your product that is not like as you described in your details, the app will surely suspend your account due to unethical selling.

4 Sending Hazmat To FBA-

Hazmat product are banned on amazon app due to its term and conditions, they also not warehouse them, If they find any seller sending Hazmat products to FBA, They will immediately close their listing and destroy your inventories.

5 Getting Paid Reviews-

These days it becomes trend to get the positive paid reviews from face book, there are many seller on this platforms by which amazon directly deals with. By knowing it the app will directly suspend your account by only giving warning once.

6 Having Multiple Seller Account-  

For the extra sells and in race of selling and making profit, seller use to create multiple account, but this comes under the unethical ways, according to the terms and condition of amazon if you want to create other or multiple account you have to inform the company about your new account otherwise your account will get deactivate by the entity.

7 Price Fixing-

In this competitive market no one wants that their competitor sell at low price, but in competing  you should not send message to any seller to fix the price, otherwise the next step taken by amazon is to get your account suspend.

8 Not Having Invoice-

Due to security reason or some other reason , Amazon requires invoice from their sellers to provide authenticity of your product. If you will not able to provide the Invoice than you just receive a notification by the app is that “Your account gets suspended”.

These are the main reasons why your account gets suspended by the amazon there are also many other reason the common and most probable reason you already go through this article.

How we will process for Reactivate Amazon Seller Account-

Now, you have an idea of, why  your account gets suspended but the main question which will click in your mind is how you can Reactive Amazon seller account. To make you free from this headache our company helps you to reactivate your Amazon selling account at your pocket friendly price and this time with more security applied. For this we requires your information to provide you the most secured account to launch your product on digital platforms.

Details required Reactivate Amazon Seller Account-

GST Certificate – According to the terms and condition of Amazon  ,if you have to resell your product on website, GST certificate is must for the Amazon supplier registration, to proof that your company is listed under government tax norms.

New Mobile Number– As your previous account was suspended and that account was registered by your previous mobile number, Amazon will not permit you to reactivate by the last number..

New Mail Id – To unsuspended Amazon seller account you have to submit your new mail Id to proceed the further process.

Pickup Address – If you want to deliver your product on time and want to increase your face value in the market than you have to mention the correct pick up address by where the delivery boy will collect the product from your destination.

Bank Account Number and IFSC Code – It is necessary to provide your correct  bank details with the company to get your commission which you earn by selling your goods, for transfer of the sum to your safe.

Crossed  Cheque – To verify the correct information of yours the company requires your cancelled cheque for your original bank details to reinstatement Amazon seller account accurately.

Shop Name – Both the company and the customer haves an urge to know from which shop the goods are sold.

Shop Owner – It is necessary to know the name of business owner by the company to provides him/her the fair perimeter of there expertise . By all this details our company helps you to recreate for your Amazon supplier activation and with more effectively and securely.

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