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Relaunch Flipkart Seller Account

How To Relaunch Flipkart Seller Account

Relaunch Flipkart Seller Account, IF, we talk about the best and secured marketing which allots the products and sells at the affordable price by their sales and business strategy, than the one name which clicks in every one’s mind is Flipkart, India’s top leading online market platform which takes care of both seller and the customer by introducing out of the box id

easy to increase its sale, for example Flipkart big billion sale which attracts the customer too fast by their affordability and business mindsets.

These days many entrepreneurs are migrating towards this social networking platforms and sites for their business enhancement. But, due to some unethical performance by the entrepreneur Flipkart suspend their account and throw them in the blacklist of the company.

Why Flipkart suppliers account suspended?

By the way, Flipkart never blocks their sellers account, but in term of the rarest case occurs than Flipkart suspends the account of the seller and not allow them to play in the market. ‘If there are ample of complaints for malpractice and disturbing safeguards measures to protect the customer from frauds entity will block your account and you will have to regenerate it again.

One reason should also look into action by the company is “High number of return request are raised for the product” by the customers and not fulfill the demand of the customers.

How we will process for Relaunch  Flipkart Selling Account?

Now you have an idea of, why your account gets suspended but the main question which will click in your mind is how you can reactivate your Flipkart selling account .

To make you free from this headache our company helps you to Recreate Flipkart  Supplier Account at your pocket friendly price and this time with more security applied .For this we requires your information to provides you the most secured account to launch your product on the  digital platforms.

Details required relaunching your account –

GST Certificate – According to the terms and condition of Flipkart ,if you have to resell your product on website, GST certificate is must for the Flipkart supplier registration, to proof that your company is register under GST.

New Mobile Number – As your previous account was suspended and that account was registered by your previous mobile number, Meesho will not permit you to reactivate by the last number..

New Mail Id – To relaunch Flipkart seller account you have to submit your new e-mail Id to proceed the further process.

Pickup Address– If you want to deliver your product on time and want to increase your face value in the market than you have to mention the correct pick up address by where the delivery boy will collect the tangible from a right place.

Bank Account Number and IFSC Code– It is necessary to update your bank details with the company to get your margin and commission which you earn by selling your products, for transfer of the amount to your bank account.

Cancelled cheques– To verify the correct information of yours the company requires your cancelled cheque for your original bank details to reactivate Flipkart seller account accurately.

Shop Name – Both the company and the customer haves an urge to know from which shop the product is selled.

Shop Owner– It is necessary to know the shop owner name by the company to provides him/her the fair margin of droit.

By all this details our company helps you to recreate for your Flipkart supplier registration  and with more efficiently and security.

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