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Flipkart offers great exposure for small businesses. Our company caters to all your e-commerce needs at once. Right from On-boarding Registration to Relaunching your business on Flipkart online portal. Flipkart Login panel requires certain details like GST certificate number, Email Id, Bank details, etc. After this process your Flipkart vendor registration is complete and you are done. Now you can start selling on Flipkart. We also offer a relaunch for small businesses. Our team analyses and gives the correct direction for relaunching your business in the online sales world. After we Relaunch the Flipkart account, we list products with proper descriptions to attract more customers and boost your sales.

Documents Required

1. New Mobile number.
2. New Email ID.
3. Pick Up address.
4. New Bank Account number.
5. New Bank Account IFSC code.
6. Name of the Shop.
7. Owner's Name.
8. PAN Card.
9. Aadhar Card.
10. GST Certificate.
11. Cancelled Cheque/Passbook.