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Privacy Policy

We are an Ecommerce Management service company based in New Delhi, India. We provide small and large businesses to establish themselves on online portals such as Meesho, Amazon and, Flipkart. We provide onboarding and relaunching services in this online sales world and product listing and promotional services.

Our privacy policy explains how we collect and use data while you visit our website. We collect your personal data when you fill in the contact us form or query form on our website. We also receive some data using cookies while you run software on your device.

We keep your personal information confidential and do not sell or trade. You have the choice to select what data you want to share with us. You may decline it at any time when asked to share personal data.

Data we collect includes:

1. Your name and contact information such as email address, phone number, etc.
2. Demographic data such as country and language.
3. Website data such as IP Addresses

Why we collect data

We collect data to improve our services based on your response. The collection of data helps us to find solutions to your problems and give you better services. It also helps us improve our website. We can reach you and let you know about our latest services and new ideas via email or contact number when you opt for our promotional communication subscriptions.

The use of cookies helps us detect fraud and helps you with filling forms so that you don't have to write the information again and again. Cookies help in storing data on our website. You may switch off the cookies on your browser if you do not wish to share. If you have any concerns you can reach us at our email address.